Saturday, October 22, 2011

im worry :(

i am worry that u will forget me
coz i am not perfect like others 
i want u to be happy but
i am worry u will forget me
coz im not pretty like others
i am not kind girl like others
i am not always beside u
 im doesn't make u happy like always
i worry that i will fade away..
as everybody grown up...

i always want you to be by hunny bee even i never told you

p/s  : im sorry i to say this but i dont know what i feel but  i just worry

graduation day :)


Long time no see kan? of coz la baru cuti ..hehee
And this time i want to story about the day...GRADUATION DAY  :)
belom SPM dah graduate la kan?? all happen so fast and dah nk habis school beb!!

this day happen in le grandeur resort and everything was awesome !!
we all buat suprise for teachers and that was touching moment  :'( haaaaa
 susuah nk describe about the day but tgk  gambas nnti tau la ye :)

after graduation with ayah >,<


Friday, September 2, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

pizza maggi :)


this morning i woke up and im feel like very hungry..
so i decide to do this rawkin cool breakfast and it is called

it sound weird but it is superb delicios babe!!

and i will teach you alls how to do this

first of all : rebus maggi hingga cukup kembang and lembut

while waiting for the maggi,chopping all this thinggy :

bawang besar
cili merah
daun bawang

then pecahkan 2 biji telor and mixed up all the thinggy dan perencah maggi

and finally masak dlm fry pan yg cumel tu dgn api yang sepoi-sepoi malu *api sederhana

and TADA!!!

siap!! lagi sedap dimakan dengan :
sos cili or tomato


Thursday, August 18, 2011

truly :)

SALAM dears :)
wanna story sikit ni

Reena Fitri Syahriah bte Abd Razak.

People call me REENA or IPIT J

Yes im just the ordinary girl that want to live happy .

but I don’t know why some people are so jealous about me and my life.

I don’t know why people talk about me and said that im so arrogant , sombong ,belagak and blablabla..

People said that my face was some kind of selfish and sombong and belagak and never care bout other people…yes that is me.myself and I will never be someone else.

It is very hurt coz im not even bother about they alls.

Even one of my friend talking bad things about me.

Yes im very sad :’(

Please friends ..ILOVEYOU all.

Even nobody perfect in this world but im try to be the best to all of you.

Im sorry if I have done wrong to all of you. Im so sorry guys.

but its ok coz I know that you guys still does not know well bout me…

but hey!!! all this people are super rawkin and superb know me very well and they were veryunderstand me ..


ratheyah abdullah *ibu
abd razak salleh *ayah
redza adi satria *along
rendra azra kesuma *angah
radzi iskandar putra *ude
radzmee abdullah salleh *emy.
reena idayu mysara *kaq ina
razanah syairah *moi sayang
haziqah,amira,diana,afiqah *my gurlfy

they all my oxygen and i cannot live without them :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

gift :)

hye dears :)

my babyboo :)
this is for you sayang ..
even it is cheap *sale
but i am very happy to see u wear this when u meet me ..

p/s : orang kate kalau bagi baju kat boy hubungan x kekal :P
what do i care dude :P
it all depend on ALLAH bout our relation and death kann??

...last word ...