Thursday, August 18, 2011

truly :)

SALAM dears :)
wanna story sikit ni

Reena Fitri Syahriah bte Abd Razak.

People call me REENA or IPIT J

Yes im just the ordinary girl that want to live happy .

but I don’t know why some people are so jealous about me and my life.

I don’t know why people talk about me and said that im so arrogant , sombong ,belagak and blablabla..

People said that my face was some kind of selfish and sombong and belagak and never care bout other people…yes that is me.myself and I will never be someone else.

It is very hurt coz im not even bother about they alls.

Even one of my friend talking bad things about me.

Yes im very sad :’(

Please friends ..ILOVEYOU all.

Even nobody perfect in this world but im try to be the best to all of you.

Im sorry if I have done wrong to all of you. Im so sorry guys.

but its ok coz I know that you guys still does not know well bout me…

but hey!!! all this people are super rawkin and superb know me very well and they were veryunderstand me ..


ratheyah abdullah *ibu
abd razak salleh *ayah
redza adi satria *along
rendra azra kesuma *angah
radzi iskandar putra *ude
radzmee abdullah salleh *emy.
reena idayu mysara *kaq ina
razanah syairah *moi sayang
haziqah,amira,diana,afiqah *my gurlfy

they all my oxygen and i cannot live without them :)

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