Tuesday, July 27, 2010

all about me..

my name :reena fitri syahriah bte abd razak bte abd razak
people call me reena,ipit,cery,sayang(by aril),untyree(by adek).
my ayah :abd razak
my ibu :ratheyah
my brothers :redza.rendra,radzi and little boy named radzmee..
my lovely sista:reena idayu mysara

still live from 11 march 1994 til present...(kire sendiri la ye)
stay in little house in johor bahru...

make it simple la ye...
people said im always happy,noty,noisy,understanding,cuty(hehe) ermm
....and such a kind friend..(heheh)

wanna know bout me more...chek out this blog that I call it 'bloggy'...hehhe...

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