Thursday, March 17, 2011

change me :)

17/3/ everythings change..
no more he,no more loving,no more laughting,
just me and me...

although it hard for me to not loving u,
but i'll try to make it, becoz i dont wanna make our life miserable anymore,
no more thinking about you,no more meet at the morning,
no more love books,no more everything...

'manusia penuh dengan kesilapan'

yup...i was wrong becoz i leaving you,
but it for the sake of me and you,
nobody gets hurt and nobody gets pain,

thanks for all the memories that we build in 6 months..
hope it can be a lesson for me for not doing any wrong..
after this, hope our life can goes well...

but differently...
just me and you stand by ourselves..
not for each other....:)


  1. because its harder than you know . I'm sorry , my fault .hmm :)

  2. :) u said that but u not correct your mistake..