Tuesday, March 22, 2011

hijab :)


why im posting all this picture??

becose im passion to wear tudung or hijab...
huh??? reena si curly hair wanna wear tudung??

im gonna wearing tudung...
ohh let me and me just know what is the reasons...hee..

people said that wearing tudung is fashion??
owh no actually...and as muslim we know that is 'wajib'...
people also said that we cannot look hot and gojes when we wear tudung...ermmm
i dont think so..just look at YUNA and HANA TAJIMA!!!..
they are awesome and hot and trendy rite??
i hope i can be one of them..:P

erm...actually saye bukan nak bongkak or menunjuk-nunjuk or what...
but i think it is my time to do some transformation of my life...
but i need support and help from others!!!

and i hope i can do it with sincerly...insyaalah :)
reena kan good girl :)!!
chayok reena!!

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