Sunday, April 17, 2011

the truth :)

'our love book'

I want to reveal all my feelings that I have kept inside. I want you to know this :
Firstly..yes I am the one who want to let u go even i still love you. why? Coz u said that u dont love me anymore.. OK I'm obey your desicion and I very know you have someone else .I dont mind..Coz maybe 'she' is the best one for you.

Actually.. I'm the one who make mistake. I'm with 'someone' that u does not like when I'm with u. And so many times I hurt u.....YES I'M WRONG!!!

Then after I realised that. I want to get u back and corret my mistake. But u seems never care bout me. So to covered my heart broken . I said something in my status . But only care bout your 'she'.

I know you very well..Even when u said rite,actually I know its wrong.I know when you said lie or truth...and it is call 'INSTICT'...

After a while,I fed up to get u back and I said something to let u know...But u said something BAD to me. How could u? watch ur words please.It can KILL someone feeling.

So that the end. My last word to say. Please keep all our 'MEMORIES' inside and please dont provoke me anymore. Let all happen only in our mind :)

Thanks for giving me such a memorable life from 5 SEPTEMBER 2010 until 17 MARCH 2011.
All ur sacrifices and memories for me. I very appriciate it.
And I hope you dont regret that u have found me :)


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