Thursday, May 19, 2011

the moment :)

hye all :)
rse macam tbe2 nk jdi penulis lirik plak..ngeee..

this lyrics was written by me..the melody soon will be create by DIANA ADHA :)


the sun light on my room
through the window in the morning
open my eyes and look at teddy bear
taht u gave me on my birthday
it smiles at me but its scares me because
i'll remember...

c/o the moment we are together on the rooftop,
taking pictures and laughing together
the moment we got scold by guard coz going so crazy
but we always together no matter what happen to us
you make the world like mine...

but the tears down the cheeks
when the moment you said you want to go with the one
who want to be
oh..u left me all alone with my own world
all the pain I take it by myself but all the moment still play...
still play in my mind...

wait for the song ye :)

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