Thursday, June 2, 2011

a day with mom :)


this and my mom going to shopping at GIANT taman suria i think :P
then only me and my lovely mom je yg pegi..HAHA best best !!
than this is some picture that i captured senyap senyap :P *sshhhhhh

all things in trolley

pilih ibu pilih * HAHA
abang cashier :P *haha

than we all balek!! otw in car my mom bebbling....
ipt jgn mkn byk sgt la..dah gemuk tu ha!! montel ibu tgk dah ...pfttt:P

yes i admit yg sye dh gemuk and my tummy dh mcm mngade lebih ..HAHHA
sia sia je sye diet sbulan ==' huhhhhh

than thats all people!!
bye!! :)

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